The only problem is, the solution to a happy life isn’t simple. It’s not free either. And there’s no guarantee it’ll even work.

Oops, did I forget to mention that in my headline?

Don’t you hate being promised one thing and told something else? There are a few phrases to define this tactic: clickbait, bait-and-switch, “Smoke and mirrors”, fraud.

Even worse, this stuff is sure to never go away. Why? Because it works. No one complains. And no one offers better solutions.

Fraud of all shapes and sizes (not just the online kind) is upsetting. And can hurt. I constantly hear stories from my clients about how they’ve been taken advantage of, and their hands are often tied.

So, what are we to do? Keep allowing it to continue? Heck no! Don’t click on baitclick headlines. Don’t support corrupt businesses. Don’t buy into sales that are obviously trying to switch the deal on you. Don’t immediately assume that the eight iPads that are being given away on Facebook are from Apple. Make educated decisions; Think before you act.

So, since I don’t want to be added to the long list of annoyances in your life, I’ll give you my solution to a happy life:

Be committed to always doing what’s right, push yourself to better yourself every day and enjoy the simple things in life. You will likely be happy and it won’t cost you anything. (Unless of course your simple things in life involve buying ice cream, then you’ll have to pay for the ice cream. I will not reimburse you.)