Do you think that positive change happens to you only because you waited for the right set of circumstances to present themselves? I wish it were always that easy.

Change is a concerted effort to make something special by solving problems. It’s about being realistic. It’s about complete honesty. It’s about battling conformity.

I’m not the first one to say that making things better is incredibly difficult. Being realistic, honest and a conformity-battler for just a day is exhausting and often fruitless, which is why we lack so many courageous leaders.

Why doesn’t the Government of Canada do something about missing/murdered Aboriginal women? Leaders lack courage.

How can a dysfunctional educational system take children hostage? Leaders lack courage.

Why doesn’t the charity sack the ineffective executive director? Leaders lack courage.

Why can’t your business meet deadlines? Leaders lack courage.

Our world needs more great leaders to heal our world. Fortunately, everyone has the potential to play a leadership role in making things better – yes, even you. If you can take the pain, you can take the change. Start today!