A business card is an essential tool for anyone representing a business. It has your name, contact information and often a little something extra about what you provide that no one else can. It’s usually the first thing that people think of when it comes to business growth, and it’s usually the first thing produced.

Although a business card is essential, it’s not nearly as important as many other aspects of your business and its marketing plan.

I recently worked on a concept development project for a large regional organization. About 30 minutes into the project briefing, I realized that although my client had a well-thought-out campaign strategy, the lack of focus on the organization’s true growth potential was unnerving. Yes, the marketing campaign was almost sure to hit its objectives, but the organization’s operations plan was non-existent, leadership was failing employees, customers didn’t see any value in their experience, and the year-over-year trend analysis means that in five years, the organization will close shop.

Why do some businesses spend so much time, money and energy to market a product to new customers when the organization itself doesn’t have a strong foundation to stand on?

Start with extinguishing internal fires and building a strong foundation for your business. Have a plan. Have leaders believe in it. Hire passionate people to believe in it. Then tell everyone in the world about why they should believe in it too.

Graphite Marketing can help make a plan that makes sense, and help people believe in your vision. It’s what I do every day. It’s how businesses succeed.

Do you believe in your business? Are you honest with your customers?

It’s time to put the horse before the cart. Let’s have an honest chat. Coffee is on me.