Society mandates that personal success is the most important thing of life. “Society” says that we need to make the most money, have the most-perfect children, work for the best employer and have the happiest Facebook updates.

When we realize we can’t succeed at meeting the demands of a success-driven society it’s easy for us to alter our innermost beliefs to continue on our path to personal success. As we travel down this winding road, the scenery changes slowly at first, but more noticeable as time goes on. This is especially true when we face dilemmas. When something goes wrong, how do we react? Do our personal rules conform to what society tells us, or perhaps something greater?

Every day, we have choices to make. We can either do what’s best for our own needs or do what’s right. These are two very different paths that we can’t take simultaneously.

Choose wisely; take the correct path. And remember that this path is rarely the path of least resistance – it may be the most difficult challenge you will ever face.